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Statewide football-only conference realignment receives first consideration support from WIAA

03/06/2019, 8:15pm CST

On March 1st, the WIAA Board of Control gave first consideration approval to the joint WIAA/WFCA statewide football-only conference realignment plan that was first released in July of 2018. The plan that received passage by the Board of Control differs slightly from that original proposal, as changes were made necessary by movement to 8-Player Football, co-op program adjustments, and feedback received by both the WIAA and WFCA. The WIAA Board of Control is expected to vote on second consideration, and final passage, at its April meeting.

In February, we updated you on changes to the plan, and the the assignments that were approved by the Board of Control are very similar to that, with only minor changes.

The WFCA and WIAA have put a significant amount of time and effort into this process, forming a statewide plan that will provide uniformity for the number of schools in conference, the number of conference games played, and the process for schools to request relief moving forward. It is understood that some schools may not be thrilled with their placement, but the WIAA will have procedures in place to handle requests for relief going forward. 

The WFCA asks its membership to support this plan, which we feel is in the best interests of high school football overall.

A few notes and reminders regarding the Football-Only Conference Realignment Proposal:

Lower-Level Football: Schools will have the opportunity to schedule their lower level games working through their Athletic Director and Conference Commissioners on what they feel works best for their situation.

Conference Names and Conference Commissioners: Where needed, a new name for the conference should be selected by schools involved. Existing conference commissioners will oversee the leagues, with any re-organized leagues needing to appoint a new commissioner.

All-Conference Teams: All-Conference teams will be handled within each league, with each conference determining their own process. The WFCA strongly encourages conferences to align their positions on All-Conference teams with those of the WFCA All-Region and All-State teams.

Scheduling: Every team will play seven conference games, with those conference games coming in Weeks 3 thru 9. Weeks 1 and 2 will be non-conference games for every team in the state where they can set their own schedule.

Note: All football-only conferences are single leagues and not paired with any other conference with the exception of playing a crossover game between the seven school sister conferences indicated. For instance, each division of the VFA, FRCC, Woodland, Capitol, Badgers, etc. are considered separate conferences and future movement between those conferences would require going through the WIAA-designated process. 

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