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A message from Executive Director Dan Brunner on COVID-19 and the impact on summer contact

05/05/2020, 11:00am CDT

The WFCA is in constant contact with the WIAA concerning the Summer contact period, as well as the Fall football season in light of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The three-phase Badger Bounce Back plan (see full plan below) is a return to normal process that requires that we be in Phase 3 in order to resume high school football without restrictions on group size gatherings.  

The WFCA and the WIAA are in the process of formulating guidelines, in consultation with the WIAA Medical staff. Those guidelines will be distributed to head coaches in the State. The WFCA strongly urges coaches to follow the guidelines when things improve to the point that they can conduct their Summer contact days. The way coaches follow the guidelines during their contact days can be used to encourage our government representatives to allow the resumption of HS football for the 2020 season.

Keep in mind the WIAA has adjusted the Summer contact starting date as follows:  “Fall and winter sports coaches’ contact may begin July 1–provided restrictions on assembling in groups are removed­–and will follow the existing prescribed summertime dates and unrestricted contact regulations with a maximum of five days of contact”.

We ask coaches to be patient during this stressful time. We urge you to be polite and have accurate facts when contacting school superintendents and government officials to express your concerns.

At the present time, you are not allowed to conduct any football instruction sessions with your team, either until July 1 or when the executive order closing schools is lifted. You are encouraged to keep in contact and conduct team-building exercises with them. They need your leadership during this crisis more than ever. For more information on what is allowable now and during summer contact days, please see the conversation below with WIAA Deputy Director Wade Labecki and WFCA Executive Board member Travis Wilson.

Thank you,

Dan Brunner, WFCA Executive Director

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