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Full results, recap, and top performers from 2022 WFCA Combine

05/02/2022, 9:00am CDT
By Travis Wilson, for the WFCA

The Ninth Annual WFCA Combine was held over the weekend, and full results are now available. The Combine was split into five sessions, though all athletes were tested on the same events. All events were held at NX Level Fitness in Waukesha. A total of 458 athletes competed in the Combine.

The WFCA Combine was conducted by NX Level staff with many high school football coaches assisting, and sponsored by the WFCA, NX Level, Epoch Recruiting, and Special thank you to WFCA Combine Director Tony Biolo for organizing the event and compiling the results and Brad Arnett & crew at NX Level

More than 75 college coaches were on hand from at least 22 different schools, with several programs sending multiple coaches to evaluate potential prospects. While D1-FBS coaches were prohibited from attending by NCAA rules, 10 D1-FCS coaches from six schools were in attendance and closely monitoring the action. The full list of coaches in attendance is available in the tab below.



There were some blistering times posted in the 40-yard dash Saturday afternoon, which was done via hand-timing by the professionals from NX Level.

Sun Prairie East Class of 2023 running back Cortez LeGrant, Jr. posted the fastest 40-yard dash time at the Combine, running it in 4.37 seconds. Shiocton 2023 linebacker Cade Stingle ran the 40 in 4.46 seconds. Catholic Memorial 2024 defensive back Edward Jones was next at 4.47 seconds, while West De Pere 2023 running back Najeh Mitchel posted a time fo 4.50 seconds.

A total of 13 athletes ran the 40-yard dash in less than 4.60 seconds. The heaviest player of the group was Regis 2023 linebacker Zander Rockow, who posted a time of 4.57 seconds while weighing in at 224 pounds while standing 6'1" in bare feet. Also running under 4.60 while over 200 pounds was Menasha 2023 linebacker Evan Van Dyn Hoven (6'3", 206 pounds, 4.59).

Top 10 40-yard Dash Times

Cortez LeGrant Jr., Sun Prairie, 2023 RB --     4.37
Cade Stingle, Shiocton, 2023 LB --     4.46
Edward Jones, Catholic Memorial, 2024 DB --     4.47
Najeh Mitchell, West De Pere, 2023 RB --     4.50
Jon Paul Rguig, Lake Mills, 2023 WR --     4.53
Connor Doyle, Oconomowoc, 2023 WR --     4.56
Lyndon Hemmrich-Hartman, Oshkosh North, 2023 WR --     4.56
Blake Schraufnagel, Mayville, 2023 RB --     4.56
Sal Balistrieri, Homestead, 2023 QB --     4.57
Zander Rockow, Regis, 2023 RB --     4.57

Vertical Jump

Platteville 2023 linebacker Jayden Culbertson had the best vertical jump (measured by electronic pads) of 39.4 inches. Lake Mills' Rex Cassady, a 2023 receiver, and West Salem's Kellen Wright, a 2023 linebacker, were next at 39.0 inches, while Oconomowoc 2023 receiver Connor Doyle and Pulaski 2023 linebacker Jake Adams had marks of 38.5 inches. 34 athletes had a vertical jump of at least 35 inches.

Top 10 Vertical Jumps

Jayden Culbertson, Platteville, 2023 LB --     39.4
Rex Cassady, Lake Mills, 2023 WR --     39.0
Kellen Wright, West Salem, 2023 LB --     39.0
Connor Doyle, Oconomowoc, 2023 WR --     38.5
Jake Adams, Pulaski, 2023 LB --     38.5
Zander Rockow, Regis, 2023 RB --     38.0
Mason Keyes, DeForest, 2023 QB --     37.6
Blake Schraufnagel, Mayville, 2023 RB --     37.4
Gavin Gerber, Eau Claire Memorial, 2023 DB --     37.4
Tyler Umland, Muskego, 2023 RB --     37.3

Broad Jump

Just one player cleared at least 10-feet in the broad jump. Saint Croix Falls 2023 quarterback Brady Belisle had the best mark of 10'0.5", while Jayden Culbertson of Platteville and Connor Doyle of Oconomowoc both had 9'11.5". Jarod Falkner (2023 QB Mondovi), Kellen Wright (2023 LB West Salem), and Drew Brookman (2023 WR Tomah) had leaps of 9'10".

Top 13 Broad Jumps

Brady Belisle, Saint Croix Falls, 2023 QB --     10'0.5"
Jayden Culbertson, Platteville, 2023 LB --     9'11.5"
Connor Doyle, Oconomowoc, 2023 WR --     9'11.5"
Jarod Falkner, Mondovi, 2023 QB --     9'10"
Drew Brookman, Tomah, 2023 WR --     9'10"
Kellen Wright, West Salem, 2023 LB --     9'10"
Bashir Kila, Eau Claire Memorial, 2023 RB --     9'9.5"
Noah Hofmann, Kaukauna, 2023 RB --     9'9.5"
Jake Adams, Pulaski, 2023 LB --     9'9"
Gabriel Klatt, Beaver Dam, 2024 RB --     9'8.75"
Owen Carlson, West Bend East, 2024 QB --     9'8"
Jackson Stortz, Hartford Union, 2023 OL --     9'8"
Alec Greenmeier, Germantown, 2023 TE --     9'8"


The L-Drill was again a part of the Combine, with many college coaches paying close attention to the event, which is a great measure of body lean, hip flexibility, and change-of-direction skills. A standout in all of the events, the top time went to Freedom's Carter Kriewaldt, a Class of 2023 defensive back, with a time of 6.93 seconds. 

Next up was Lake Mills 2024 linebacker Matthew Stenbroten with a time of 6.96 seconds, followed by a 7.03 second mark by Menasha 2023 quarterback A.J. Korth.

Top 11 L-Drill Times

Carter Kriewaldt, Freedom, 2023 DB --     6.93
Matthew Stenbroten, Lake Mills, 2024 LB --     6.96
AJ Korth, Menasha, 2023 QB --     7.03
Demetrius Bergmann, Pepin, 2024 RB --     7.03
Connor Bubolz, Wisconsin Rapids, 2023 RB --     7.03
Brady Belisle, Saint Croix Falls, 2023 QB --     7.03
Donovan Nedelcoff, Edgewood, 2023 DB --     7.04
Dawson Rud, Mondovi, 2023 RB --     7.05
Jon Paul Rguig, Lake Mills, 2023 WR --     7.05
JP Doyle, Badger, 2024 DB --     7.06
David Emerich, Waunakee, 2024 WR --     7.06

Short Shuttle

The short shuttle or pro agility is another outstanding change-of-direction test, with athletes starting from a stop, running five yards in one direction, ten yards the other direction, and five yards back to the center. College coaches lined up around the testing locations all day, as it is one of the most beneficial events for seeing how players move, bend, and control their bodies.

In the Shuttle event, the top time went to Kaukauna's Noah Hofmann with a mark of 4.13 seconds. Just behind was Oconomowoc's Connor Doyle and Regis' Zander Rockow at 4.14 seconds. Mark Haering, a 2023 linebacker, ran 4.16 seconds in the short shuttle.

Top 14 Short Shuttle Times

Noah Hofmann, Kaukauna, 2023 RB --     4.13
Connor Doyle, Oconomowoc, 2023 WR --     4.14
Zander Rockow, Regis, 2023 RB --     4.14
Mark Haering, Edgewood, 2023 LB --     4.16
JP Doyle, Badger, 2024 DB --     4.20
David Emerich, Waunakee, 2024 WR --     4.20
Drew Wilson, Homestead, 2023 LB --     4.20
Bashir Kila, Eau Claire Memorial, 2023 RB --     4.20
Colton Brunell, Columbus, 2024 RB --     4.21
Landon Ellestad, Mount Horeb, 2024 WR --     4.25
Ben Kuenkel, Altoona, 2023 QB --     4.26
Carver Cram, Oshkosh West, 2023 DB --     4.26
Trey Engram, Verona, 2023 RB --     4.26
Donovan Nedelcoff, 2023 DB --     4.26

Bench Press

Players also tested in the bench press, with 2023 prospects repping at 185 pounds, and 2024 prospects at 170 pounds. Slinger 2023 defensive lineman Luke German had the most reps of 185 pounds with 37. Janesville Parker offensive lineman Christian Cabrera was next with 36, while Union Grove's Noah Morris and Bay Port's Jake Lindquist each had 31 reps.

The top mark in the 2024 class of 170 pounds was posted by Wisconsin Rapids linebacker Carter Christy, who lifted the bar 35 times. 

Top 11 Class of 2023 Bench Press (185 lbs)

Luke German, Slinger, 2023 DL --     37
Christian Cabrera, Janesville Parker, 2023 OL --     36
Noah Moris, Union Grove, 2023 DL --     31
Jake Lindquist, Bay Port, 2023 OL --     31
Maverick Cole, Pulaski, 2023 RB --     30
Mason McNeill, Westosha Central, 2023 OL --     30
Benjamin Buchholtz, Lake Mills, 2023 RB --     29
Nolan Vils, Sauk Prairie, 2023 DL --     29
Ben Buxa, Lakeside Lutheran, 2023 OL --     27
Cole Meyers, Waunakee, 2023 DL --     27
Cole Stevevs, D.C. Everest, 2023 OL --     27

Top 10 Class of 2024 Bench Press (170 lbs)

Carter Christy, Wisconsin Rapids, 2024 LB --     35
Ashton Fischer, Wisconsin Rapids, 2024 DB --     31
Matthew Motl, Marshall, 2024 RB --     28
Keaton Enright, Westosha Central, 2024 LB --     25
Henry Koeppen, Lodi, 2024 OL --     25
Kasey Johnson, Saint Croix Falls, 2024 DL --     24
Colton Brunell, Columbus, 2024 RB --     23
Sammy Sippy, Westosha Central, 2024 LB --     23
JP Doyle, Badger, 2024 DB --     23
Drew Braam, Oak Creek, 2024 LB --     22
Mitch Verstegen, Kaukauna, 2024 OL --     22
Carter Wellsmith, Brookfield Central, 2024 DL --     22

Other Standouts

In addition to some of the players listed above, other skill guys who showed well included Homestead 2023 quarterback Sal Balistrieri, Mondovi 2023 running back Dawson Rud, DeForest 2023 quarterback Mason Keyes, Homestead 2023 linebacker Drew Wilson, Wisconsin Rapids 2023 running back Leo Brostowitz, Verona 2023 running back Trey Engram, Lake Mills 2023 running back Benjamin Buchholtz, Wilmot 2023 defensive back Anthony Corona, Pulaski 2023 running back Maverick Cole, Franklin 2024 running back Terrence Shelton, Altoona 2023 running back Colin Boyarski, Mukwonago 2023 quarterback Evan Herbig, Columbus 2024 running back Colton Brunell, Wilmot 2023 running back Anthony Hall, Mayville 2023 running back Blake Schraufnagel, Verona 2023 linebacker Mason Armstrong, Catholic Memorial 2023 linebacker Keith Williams, Hudson 2023 defensive lineman Will McDonald, DeForest 2023 running back Cole Drinka, Two Rivers 2024 running back Chase Matthias, Cedar Grove-Belgium wide receiver Gabe Egan, and Kenosha St. Joseph 2023 tight end Luke Schuler.

There some huge lineman in attendance including Sun Prairie East 2024 defensive lineman Alton Williams (6'8", 262), Oshkosh West 2023 defensive lineman Parker Fontaine (6'7", 316), Ashwaubenonn 2023 defensive lineman Troy Dietzler (6'6", 274), Cashton 2023 offensive lineman Zack Mlsna (6'6", 293), and Evansville 2023 offensive lineman Quinn Grovesteen Matchey (6'6", 242). A total of 15 players measured at least 6'6" in bare feet.

Please note this is just some of the top marks for each event. With 458 athletes competing, it is difficult to mention all of the standouts from the Combine. Full results can be found below.

All results are sorted by grade, then by Last Name. You can re-sort the results by clicking on any of the column headings. Please note you may need to scroll right to see results for all tests.

All height and weight measurements were taken with NO shoes on. Players were provided two attempts at each event, except for bench press.

In the Bench Press, players were tested for max number of reps on a certain weight based on their grade level. Class of 2023 players repped at 185 pounds; Class of 2024 at 170 pounds.

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