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Dave Reinders - Aquinas

03/01/1995, 12:00am CST
By Wisconsin Sports Network

Inducted in 1995

Graduate of Johnson Creek High School, 1957, BS. Degree in Teacher Education from UW-La Crosse, 1961, M.S. Degree in Physical Education from UW-La Crosse, 1967

In 1961, Dave was hired by St. Thomas Aquinas High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The past 34 years have been spent at that school. His coaching tenure began as an assistant coach in football, basketball, baseball and track. He served in this capacity between 1961 and 1972.

Dave was named head coach in 1973, and the next 18 years produced the following results: career record of 122 wins, 57 losses, 1 tie; three undefeated seasons - 1979, 1983, 1984; six conference championships - Central Wisconsin Catholic Conference; five appearances in WISAA state play-offs; three appearances in the WISAA championship game.

Special honors include being named Western Wisconsin Coulee Region Coach of the Year and University of Wisconsin, La Crosse Alumni Coach of the Year in 1979, as well as Central Wisconsin Catholic Conference Coach of the Year three times.

Dave’s greatest success was reached in the decade 1980-1989. In that ten year period his teams won 76 games and lost 29. During the 1980's, Aquinas High School won 15 of the 20 inter-city contests and 8 of the 10 city championships in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

"This award is the pinnacle, the top of the mountain, the climax of one man's career. As I look back, I can say with pride that I'm glad I was a coach. One of the greatest opportunities to teach about life occurs on the football field. Where else in growing up does a boy learn about cooperation, teamwork, sacrifice and perseverance in the face of defeat and self-control in the face of victory. The football field is a microcosm of life and all its challenges. I was part of their growing up - I'm proud of that. I thank God for all He has given me - my parents, family, fellow coaches, and particularly the boys I watched grow into men while playing the sport of football."

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