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Coaching opportunity available in Sweden in all-expenses paid trip

01/27/2017, 9:30am CST

Hello coaches, we would like to provide you with information on a unique coaching opportunity abroad, which would include an all-expenses paid trip to Sweden. We have vetted this opportunity, and in fact, WFCA Hall of Fame member Jerry Golombiewski went on this trip several years ago.

The following letter is from Thomas Andersson of the Wasby Warriors in Sweden:


I am a football coach in Stockholm, Sweden.

My club is looking for a coach in April, May, and June. Preferably a retired HS coach who has his pension. We can offer a great vacation in beautiful Stockholm. And lots of football.
We take care of all the costs but can not pay any salary. Plane ticket, a place to stay, food, bus pass et.c. is covered. Also, this year we will provide $500 per month for pocket money.

I think this is a very interesting offer for someone who has never been to Europe. There will be coaching in the evenings with a lot of free time during the days to do sightseeing. 

I have great experience from bringing coaches and players over to help us improving our game and values. We have had people from University of Platteville, Stevens Point, Whitewater and La Crosse at our place as well as several HS coaches. They are great people!

I appreciate your time and hope to hear back from you sson.

Thank you.


Thomas Andersson
Wäsby Warriors

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