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2021 Combine Attendees

Below are players registered and paid for the 2021 WFCA Spring Combine. Tabs across the top allow you to sort by All Players - Alphabetical, Class of 2022, Class of 2023 and Position. You can click on any categories to re-sort the table by that particular category. If you have questions about your registration please contact Travis Wilson at

The 2021 WFCA Spring Combine will be held Saturday, April 24th at NX Level in Waukesha.

Register for the 2021 WFCA Spring Combine here.

Reminder that the Combine schedule will be as follows below (based on the Primary Position each player signed up for; subject to change):


Position Registration Starts Warm-up Testing
OL/DL 8:00 am 8:45 am 9 am – 11 am
LB 10:00 am 10:45 am 11 am – 12:30 pm
RB 11:30 am 12:15 pm 12:30 pm – 2 pm
WR/DB 1:00 pm 1:45 pm 2 pm – 3:30 pm
QB/TE 2:30 pm 3:15 pm 3:30 pm – 5 pm