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All-Star Game

2016 Game Information


  • 10:00 a.m. –  Eight-Man All-Star Game                                          
  • 2:00 p.m. – Small School All-Star Game                                  
  • 6:00 p.m. – Large School All-Star Game

WFCA All-Star Game Facebook page

The game will be broadcast on Time Warner Cable Sports 32 and you can see the games on MyTV14 in Madison and WKBT in La Crosse/Eau Claire in the western half of the state. Check your local listings.

2014 All-Star Game Rosters, Schedule, & Live Stats

2014 WFCA All-Star Game results:
Click on score for full box score

Large School Game:

South 24, North 8

Small School Game:

South 33, North 13

2013 Results

2013 WFCA All-Star Game results:
Click on score for full box score

Large School Game:

South 47, North 19

Small School Game:

North 20, South 19

2012 Results

2012 WFCA All-Star Game results:
Click on score for full box score

Large School Game:

South 37, North 0

Small School Game:

South 25, North 17

Doug Sarver

WFCA All-Star Game Chairman

Phone: 414-915-7529

Please check your assignment as some changes have been made as of 10/7/2014

Game Partners

WFCA All Star Game Guidelines

1. Selection of Head Coach
A. Nominations shall be received by November 13th.
B. Head Coaches will be selected at the November all state meeting.
C. Must be a WFCA member.

2. Selection of Assistant Coaches
A. Each head coach shall select 6 assistant coaches by December 1st.
B. Must be a WFCA member.
C. Must have at least 3 years varsity coaching experience.
D. Must serve in the geographical half of state in which school resides.

3. Selection of Trainer
A. Must have proper certifications.
B. No coaching duties may be assigned to the trainer.
C. Arranged contract between WFCA and health provider.

4. Selection of Manager
A. No more than two managers (preferably students).
B. Sons and Daughters of coaches must be a minimum of 10 years old.
C. Maximum of two ball boys - game day only.

5. Squad Selection
A. Schools may nominate a maximum of 3 players if at least one is an offensive or defensive lineman. A maximum of two non- linemen may be nominated. Schools with more than two senior players that have been selected WFCA all state may nominate any or all.
B. Deadlines for nominations are December 1st.
D. Each staff will select 46 players from the WFCA nominations.
D. WFCA All State Players shall be strongly recommended if nominated.
E. All players shall be graduating seniors.
F. Replacement of players must be from original nominations.
G. Head Coach will notify the WFCA by February 1st of team selected.
H. Maximum two players selected per school, unless all are WFCA all state.

6 Player Acceptance
A. Player acceptance forms shall be returned by February 15th.
B. Participant consent forms must be returned before taking part in any all-star activity.

7. Equipment
A. Players must supply their own equipment.
B. WFCA will supply practice jersey, game jersey and game pants.
C. WFCA will supply game and practice balls.
C. Players will keep their game jersey. (return game pants and practice jersey)

8. Training Camp
A. The WFCA will select training campsites.
B. Housing, meals and transportation will be set up by WFCA.
C. Coaches will report the Saturday before the game.
D. Players will report the Sunday before the game.
E. Teams will move to game site on Friday before game.
F. No player vehicles will be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS!
G. Any team travel off site must be approved by WFCA before July 1st.

9. Banquet
A. The all-star game banquet will be held Friday evening before game day.
Time and place will be announced. (dress code –shirt and tie)
Note: Head Coach will speak along with one selected player from each team.

10. Game
A. Game is the third Saturday in July. ( unless otherwise changed by WFCA)
B. Game times and game day schedule will be announced.

11. Expenses
A. Each coach and trainer will receive a $100.00 travel expense stipend.
B. Head Coaches will get a $200.00 stipend for travel and administration costs.
C. Each Head Coach will receive $300.00 team stipend for camp social use.

12. Staff Apparel
A. Each coach, trainer and manager will receive a cap, game polo, and game short, practice tee shirt and practice short. Head Coaches must turn in staff sizing by June 1st. (staffs are required to wear game apparel at game)

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