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Bill Collar Scholarship

Through the efforts of Bill Collar, Hall of Fame coach and former president of the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association, a $1000.00 scholarship is available to a senior player who is nominated by a member of the WFCA. The recipient will be announced at the annual Awards Banquet during the WFCA Spring Clinic.


1. For the purpose of this scholarship personal leadership is defined as, “The act of making good decisions.” Team leadership is defined as, “The act of influencing others in a positive manner.” Keeping these definitions in mind, nominees for the leadership scholarship must display personal and team leadership.

2. Please consider the athlete’s actions on the football field, in the classroom, weight room, and in the community.

3. To be eligible for the award the candidate must have earned a letter for his play as an offensive or defensive lineman.

4. The amount of $1000.00 will be paid upon successful completion of the first semester in college/technical school. In  order to collect the award, a copy of the first semester grades must be presented to the Chairman of the WFCA Scholarship Committee and he will then authorize release of the funds.

5. A candidate for the Lineman’s Leadership Scholarship will be ineligible if he has received a full football scholarship.


1. Complete the personal information questions on the application to the right.

2. On a separate sheet of paper, write or type the reason(s) you feel that this candidate should be considered for the Lineman’s Leadership Scholarship. 

3. The nominating party must be a current WFCA member.

4. Send completed application form to Bill Collar prior to December 1st.