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Wisconsin Football Coaches Association

The WFCA had its beginning at Union South in the Spring of 1975. At a football clinic sponsored by the Wisconsin Coaches Association, Burt Hable - Madison West, chaired a meeting during which a steering committee was selected to facilitate the forming of a football coaches ONLY association. This committee that met at the WIAA offices in Stevens Point on May 2, 1975, consisted of Don Barnabo - Janesville Parker, John Brodie - Homestead, Cal Callaway - Oregon, Jack Charlesworth - Brookfield Central, Gene Noonan - Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln & Ira Rebella - Merrill. Rebella was selected to act as committee chair and Callaway was to serve as secretary.

A constitution was written and plans to contact football coaches through the last WIAA Bulletin of the 1974-75 school year was made. This contact of all high school football coaches using the WIAA Bulletin never came about. In the Fall of 1975, through the efforts of Corey Johnson, Lancaster, every head football coach of a public school received a copy of the proposed constitution along with a letter explaining the Wisconsin High School Football Coaches Association (WHSFCA) and requesting names of coaches to serve as representatives. On December 1, 1975, at the WIAA offices, the steering committee decided that in order to facilitate the existence of the WHSFCA for 1975-76 the acting officers for the Association for the first year should be selected from the membership of the steering committee and the Board of Directors and their alternates, would be selected from the respondents to the 1975 fall mailing to each head football coach.

Past Presidents:

  • 1976-78 Ira Rebella, Merrill
  • 1979-81 Fred Kuhl, Wisconsin Dells
  • 1982-84 Paul Engen, Appleton West
  • 1985-88 Don Dalton, Burlington
  • 1989-94 Bill Rice, McFarland
  • 1995-96 Paul Engen, Appleton West
  • 1997-00 Bill Collar, Seymour
  • 2000-03 Wade Labecki, Baldwin-Woodville
  • 2003-05 Phil Ottney, Glenwood City
  • 2005-07 Dan Brunner, Hartford
  • 2007-09 Dave Keel, Homestead
  • 2009-11 John Hoch, Lancaster
  • 2011-13 Tom Swittel, Brookfield East
  • 2013-15 Frank Matrise, Kenosha Tremper
  • 2015-17 Tony Biolo, Wisconsin Rapids
  • 2017-19 Doug Sarver, Saint Francis
  • 2019-21 John Hoch, Lancaster
  • 2021-23 Tony Biolo, Wisconsin Rapids